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The idea of Toliti came from the well-known American competition “Spelling Bee”. After extensive market research, we started with brainstorming. We gathered the best ideas for the game story and design, as well as the technology we would use. 

We didn’t want to develop just one more casual game, we wanted to give you more. Even though you will have fun playing, you will also improve your vocabulary.  

The main character of the game is a bee named Toliti. She is kind and very curious.

We collaborated with a designer, who made our idea of a bee come true. She also sketched a bee world and logo, then transferred it to a digital graphic.

We believe that it’s important to achieve the ‘’wow effect’’, so we researched the target group and their likes. As a result we incorporated a lot of colors, shapes, light, and animations.

Finally it came the developing part of the process. The goal was to develop a high-quality mobile game, so besides the programming we also focused on the design of the game and the animations.

Currently the basic version of the game is complete, but we still have a long way to go. We need to complete the bee village, the rest of the bee world and add the music and details.

We can’t wait to show you the final version of the new mobile game Toliti. We are sure you will love it. Sign up for our newsletter, so you can be the first to try the game.


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