You have probably already seen what the first part of Toliti World looks like.

It’s a bee village that takes you through the meadow and forest. This is where you learn how to play the game and prepare for the more difficult levels.

When you finish the first parts you progress to a new land – DESERT. Our graphic designer really gave our bees a modern life. How many bees do you know, that drive cars like our Toliti?

When you pass through the desert the summer starts.

We represent the bee vacations. Toliti will help you get through the beaches, sea, and islands to get to the new land.
What land it is we will keep it as a secret for now.


Ali ste opazili? Did you notice? There are also a bee swimsuit and towels.


In every Toliti land there will be 25 new levels which you have to win in order to continue to the next land.
We added power ups for extra help to get through the levels. But don’t worry, even without them you will do well.
You will notice an improvement in your vocabulary, memory and fast thinking.

Every Toliti land will bring some new improvements, power ups and missions. Do you want to know what comes next?


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