Toliti is a new mobile word game from Slovenian developers.

The goal is to find hidden words in a grid. All you have to do is to slide each letter in any possible direction to create a word. Each level has a different goal you need to reach, but you only have three minutes to do it.

When you reach the goal you can move to a new level.



Game is available in 10 languages


Hidden over hundred thousand words


Fun and educational


Over 100 levels


Improves your vocabulary


Available FREE on the App Store

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Don’t know what the symbols in the game mean?

The clock countdown shows the remaining time to the end of the game. You have three minutes to find as many words as possible.

Hearts represent the number of lives left. When you have run out of hearts you need to wait 20 minutes to get a new one.

To get rid of ice letters you have to use them twice.

The number in a pot represents number of letters in a word. The bottom number shows the number words you have to find
(5 five-letter words)

When all the pots turn bright yellow you have completed the mission.